Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This was our December!

 These are our Favorite new California neighbors!!!!!
 Samee was BEAUTIFUL for the Preference Dance!
 Took a little ride on the Front Runner to SLC to see the temple light....(along with 4 million other people!!! Can you say CROWDED!)

 PJ's opening at Grandmas house!!!!
 Capri LOVED her new horse from Great Grandpa!
 One of our favorite traditions Christmas morning!
 Samee LOVED her new bike!
 Lindsey loved her little Capri!

 Samee loved her Jersey!

The month of December was jam packed with fun!!! Loved every minute of it! The Best part was that I had all my kids and Grandbaby with me for Christmas!!! Spending time with Eddie and My Parents and all of our kids...brothers and sisters.....cousins...Aunts and Uncles is my favorite part of the Holidays! FAMILY.....What a BLESSING! We even had a white Christmas which made it even better!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tis the Season for Decorating!

THis is my NEWEST addition this year......My wonderful Marietta gave me her flocked tree!!! I love it so much, I feel like I am a little girl again because we ALWAYS had a flocked tree!! Thank you Marietta this made my Christmas! 

This is my Kitchen......I tried to copy a cute little centerpiece on Pinterest....didnt quite look as cute as the one on pinterest but its OK!!

This is my Front Room tree!


THis is MY little house!!! I love my entry! Especially my picture of my kids!!!
These next few pics are my Marietta's house.   Love the Birds.....can you see the little owl!!!
This is her beautiful upstairs tree!!! Looks like it is straight from a magazine(or the Gate House)!!!!!! LOVE IT

Love the Dining Room table centerpiece!  Looks like a scene from the woods! (except for the dork in the mirror)
This is the darling Kitchen shelf

 Marietta and I REALLYlove her downstairs  mantle garland!

This is my Marietta's BEAUTIFUL downstairs tree!!!!.......(These pics are especially for you Luana and Sharil)

 This is my Wonderful Momma!!!!!She decided she wanted to be the one to decorate the tops of her cupboards!!! Yes the 76 year old climbs the counters!!! I loved the time with my wonderful sisters and Mom and Dad! THANK YOU ESPECIALLY for getting a new tree!!!! SO much easier!
Probably my favorite thing about Christmas is the DECORATIONS!!! I also enjoy decorating with my family!!! Here is a little taste of the homes we have enjoyed decorating together! LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!

A little Hunting!

The BOBSY twins!

The Pruitt Boys and GIRL and Jason went on there favorite hunting trip to Nephi! They had a ball!! This is a favorite tradition! Thank You Grandpa for starting this with the family!

Friday, October 19, 2012

We Love Gram and Gramps!!!

About 8 weeks ago Marietta had a terrible fall!!! She shattered her shoulder and had to have a total shoulder replacement!!! It has been a rough few weeks but she is on the mend!! We are so happy to see her looking beautiful and doing MUCH BETTER!!! We love Grandpa as well!!! Looking pretty good for being GREAT GRANDPARENTS don't you think!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This is how we "DO" Summer!

 Our First big event was the "Ford Reunion" at Payson lakes!  Dallas and Eddie showed up in their RIVAL t-shirts so they decided to have a little game!!!!
 Friday we had Fajitas and Missy and I were pretty proud of our Peppers! We were so impressed with the amount of trailers and people.....we had 196 people there!!!! I bet Grandpa and Grandma Ford were proud!
 Our next event was the 24th of July and our little "Pruitt Reunion"! Nicole and Samee had a LARGE crush on this little bull fighter!!! Samee wanted to marry him until she found out he was married and had 2 kids!!! heehehehe
 Fun at the Rodeo but WAY TO LONG!
 Our annual Firemans breakfast and parade was the best!!!! Great Grandpa and Grandma look pretty darn good with their babies, Capri and Taya(sorry Jessica I am not sure how to spell that!) As you can see we all slightly LOVE CAPRI! Every picture is of her! We had such a great day with our Pruitt Family which ended with a fabulous barbeque at Grandma Mariettas!

 We ended up with our "Robison Reunion" at our favorite ISLAND PARK!!!! Dallas was so proud of his wife Haley she was wake boarding like a pro!
 Just a FEW of my loved ones at this Reunion!!!! I love them all so much!
 Us "Gals" were hooked to this fun little speed boat!!! We could have rode on it all day!~We kind of did!

 These beautiful little girls are my Aunt Pat's granddaughters that came clear from California!!!! It was soooo good to be with them!!!! We miss you PAT!!!! WE all had such a great time together!!! We had 72 people there and we all had so much fun playing in the water, eating, watching the olympics! Thank you Mom, Cindy and Jill for all you did!!!

Summer would not be fun without family fun!!! Thank you family for all of the wonderful memories!!!Love you all!